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In today’s world interaction recording and logging plays an important role for regulatory compliance

In today’s world interaction recording and logging plays an important role for regulatory compliance, quality monitoring and performance improvements in the industry. Recording is not just limited for accessing agent interactions, but also can be used as a data that can provide a 360 degree view to continually en­hance and optimize your compliance management systems and improve the way you service your customers.

Agami Tech has pioneered in developing the absolute voice recording solution; Aniceya . Agami Tech’s Aniceya is a contrivance which is an integral and a crucial part of the businesses today. It has become all the more imperative as the organizations are inundated with a sea of data every moment. Aniceya records and stores all the outgoing and incoming interactions. The interactions are recorded digitally using high impedance cards and can be redundantly stored on multiple archive storage media. The captured data can be effortlessly accessed and analyzed using the dedicated data filtering engine with a plethora of user defined options.

Businesses that already have IP-based, hybrid, or TDM as a core component need not worry as this platform has the capabilities for seamless integration with your existing infrastructure. Furthermore, to capture important data such as customer ID and agent name, it interfaces with the PBX or desktop applications you already have in place.

ANEYA provides you privileges like :-

Scheduled Recording

Records all incoming/outgoing calls routed from any channel (analog, digital or VoIP lines). Scheduled recording can be defined based on duration for each call and extension lines or restriction recording for certain extensions/trunk e.g. personal calls.

Interactive Web Interface

An easy-to-use browser-based application accessible from any remote location with extensive call reviewing options. Access to active calls and get in-depth details about each recorded call from the secure interface with administrative rights.

Multi-User logins with Desired rights

Multiple users can login to the browser interface at different access levels with defined or administrative rights. Groups can be created for call monitoring and calls can be assigned to each user-defined groups.

Extensive Search Options

Browser based interface provides option for advanced search features like, retrieve call details on the basis of the different criteria.

Multiple Format support for Audio Compression

Voice log files can be converted to advanced formats like GSM/MP3/PCM/G.71/ A-law/µ-law etc. to save disk space. Compressed audio file can be exported and send to the users via email.

Real-time Call Monitoring

Calls can be monitored on real time as well as can be retrieved, from any remote location.

Data Backup, Restore and Export

Voice logs backup can be taken in  CD, DVD or HDD and can also be restored. Wave files can be compressed to multiple formats like GSM/MP3/PCM and exported via e-mail to a different user for sharing data.

Customise Call Tagging

Tagging of calls for identification or filtration can be done.These tags can be customised as per user’s choice and also remarks can be added to each call as per the significance.


ANEYCA allows you to store Phonebook which gives you an easy way to gather and organise information about all your customer addresses and phones.

Real Time Supervision

ANEYCA through its real time supervision dashbaord allows supervisor to monitor live calls of the agents, perform agent evaluations,view agent information and call status in real time and collaborate with agents by sending real-time message. It also allows to perform QA during real-time monitoring, deliver real-time feedback, or flag for attention later.

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