Simplifying Customer Support is a new age customer support suite that empowers you with everything and anything required in delivering exceptional experience to your customers.


Handshake Mode

Provides contextual customer information right inside the ticket, along with the previous history and current status of the ticket.

Automate Respond

Agents can create and share their own responses in order to quickly respond with a standard reply to recurring customer queries.

Canned Responses

Create quick pre-formatted replies as consistent responses to common questions asked by the customer.

Knowledge Base

Internal data and information storage for reference of the agents, to help them serve customer better.

Auto Assign

Automatic allocation of the tickets based on set of configurable business rules.

Multi Channel

Help agents in maintaining perfect balance between the power to handle various platforms and simplicity in managing responses within one frame.


Track and manage emails from one or various mailboxes by converting them into tickets.


Link your support portal with Facebook and convert all the posts and direct messages into tickets.


Respond and manage direct tweets by converting them into tickets, and handling them from helpdesk only.


Inbuilt integrated telephony set up that helps connecting with the customer as and when required.

Live Chat

Assist your customers through live interaction from your support portal and provide help on real time.


Auto Assign

Automatic allocation of the tickets based on set of configurable business rules.

Motivational Dashboard

Graphical presentation of the activities on agent screen itself, for keeping them informed and motivated about their achievements.

Service Level Agreement (SLA)

Create multiple SLA policies to accommodate the expectations of customers and agents for response and resolution.


Measure efficiency and Act wisely

Performance Analytics

Drill reports to understand the performance of agents and various groups.

Save and Schedule

Filter any report based on various properties and save it to quickly open it any time you want. Also schedule the auto sender to send these saved reports to receive them in your inbox periodically.


Define actionable for the happy customers and happy agents based on the data outcome of reports.